Bring Pizza to Spokane

Photo via Websummit (CC BY 2.0 license)

There's a saying in tech cities: "You'll never go hungry if you code."

That's not true in Spokane!

Having attended many events in Spokane, food isn't a guarantee! Developers should NOT have to decide between getting food or being hungry while listening to a talk.

My name is Rocky Kev, and any nighttime meetups I manage will have food. I'm working with other tech meetups to provide the same service.

Let's bring Pizza Back to Spokane Tech Meetups!

Question: "Wait, didn't you say Food, not Pizza?"

Answer: Pizza is food! But it can be other things, like healthy alternatives, snacks, or non-heathy alternatives. Pizza is just easier to express the issue.

Help bring food back to Spokane tech meetups!

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